Tobacco use in various industries

We are confident that the best packaging solution for your products from the chemical, food or cosmetic industries is Mojdeh Chemistry Company. Mojdeh Chemistry Co., across Iran and neighboring countries, partners in packaging In the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial industries, it has increased the experience of our experts, and these experiences are ready for transfer to your packaging industry.

Industrial chemicals:
For companies in the chemical industry, certain packaging requirements apply. If these products are not well packaged, they can create risks for humans or the environment during transportation and storage. Good chemist specialists with many experiences. In the field of packing oils, petroleum products, colors and … are always ready to do the best packaging for your products.

makeup material:
Since cosmetic industries are the most important after quality product protection, design quality and printing on the body of the tube. Mozhdeh Chemistry Co. is proud to offer the best quality packaging tubes to cosmetic companies with the help of European daylight printers and colorful design experts.

Food & Pharmaceuticals:
Food and pharmaceutical companies are demanding high quality to maintain the taste, color and smell of their packaging so that the contents of the tubes are optimally protected against the effects of the environment. Thus, Mojdeh Chemo’s tubes make it possible for your products. Will bring

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