Different tubes of ABL and PBL

Tubes pbl | plastic barrier laminate:

PBL tubes of Mojdeh Chemistry are a method of packaging high durability products that contain several plastic layers that protect the inner tubes through the inner layer of the evoh in the plastic layers, as shown below. Evoh is a highly effective safety barrier for many common products in the fields of cosmetics, food, chemical, medical and engineering. One of the important advantages of this safety barrier is to prevent the penetration of oxygen into the enclosed and thus It helps to maintain the quality and taste of food, besides using evoh in the packaging structure, it maintains the gas inside the container and prevents it from exiting.

In summary, the features of PBL cores of Mojdeh Chemistry can be summarized as follows

Excellent resistance to the penetration of oxygen and other gases into tubes
Preserve the life and taste of the material
High quality prints with 360 degrees on tubes
Excellent resistance to various weather conditions
Super brightness and clarity
Very good resistance to all types of oils and aqueous solvents
Aluminum barrier laminate tubes | abl:
Lambeth tubes abl Mojdeh Chemistry Co. is a packaging method of highly sensitive products in terms of protection. Abl tubes consist of several layers of plastics, among them an aluminum layer is embedded in the form below, which is practically non-penetrating for water vapor, oxygen and light. Mojdeh Laminate Tobacco Products is a good chemical for the use of a variety of common products in the market such as all kinds of toothpastes, massage gels, medicines, food and …
In summary, the characteristics of tubes of abl Mojdeh Chemistry Company can be as follows

Excellent resistance to oxygen penetration, water vapor (humidity) and light
High quality prints with 360 degree printing on tubes
Super brightness and clarity

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