Mojdeh Chemical Co. Eshtehard was established in 2003 in order to produce aluminum tubes and tubes of Laminet. The company's factory has been constructed in an area of ​​11,000 square meters and a 3000 square meter substructure in Eshtehard Industrial Town. Mojdeh Chemistry Company succeeded after studying and comparing the technologies of the world in the above fields, in 2005 with the participation of Technopac Italy, which resulted from the cooperation of the factories: BALCONI-MONTOLI-MARTINEGHI-IMF. Sign the contract for the Aluminum Tube Production Line TP / 170 production line. In November 2006, Technopak technicians and engineers, along with experts from Mojdeh Chemistry Company, installed the above product line. Along with the aluminum production line, the plastic injection line, which uses the German Krauss Maffei technology, was also launched. In 2009, after reviewing the domestic market and in line with the needs of the industry, the Laminate production line was launched with the technology of the day of the Swiss aisa Corporation

mozhde Chemistry

Mojdeh Chemistry Co., in 2004, after market research and study of the country, especially the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, has launched a production line of aluminum tubes, which is currently using two full line and advanced aluminum tubes compared to its competitors and line of production Full Lumiente Tube is one of the largest tube manufacturers and packaging industries. Principles of the company: Production of high quality products with favorable conditions in accordance with national and international standards Answering customer needs and providing the best selling and after sale services Usage of the best raw materials based on international standards Applying from a quality control lab with the most appropriate equipment and experienced engineers



Established 1382

production volume

More than 20 thousand tons


mozhde chemistry machines

Our machines are divided into two categories

Aluminum production line:

  • Mojdeh Chemistry's aluminum production line has been used by the most advanced European devices.
  • In-tube lacquer machine with 9 lacquer spray nozzles in the tubes with 3-layer coatings and therefore the most advanced aluminum tube production line inside the country.
  • The automatic control machine of the production tubes, all of which have been tested individually and defective tubes are excluded from the production process.
  • 5 color printing machine with digital panel
  • Laboratory equipped with quality control for physical and chemical standard tests for internal and external coatings of tubes

Seamless Multi Layer Laminate Tube Production Line:

  • The seamless plastic tube production line has been used by the most advanced European devices
  • 5-layer extruder
  • Printing in 5 colors
  • Power Generation in Various Types
  • Silver-plated and high-precision silverware
  • Lab equipped with quality control for the standard physical and chemical tests


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